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Pelvic Health exercise during pregnancy, pelvic health, pregnancy
While the evidence has been clear that moderate intensity exercise is safe and beneficial in pregnancy, little has been researched
climbing Climbing Finger Pain, eccentric exercise, eccentric training, rock climbing
As climbers, we know that finger strength and endurance are key factors in our performance on the wall. That's why
Pelvic Health pelvic health, pelvic pain, sexual health, women's health
Vaginal dilators are tools that help stretch and expand the vaginal introitus (or opening) and surrounding tissues. Dilators come in
Exercise cross over effect, exercise, immobilization, surgery
One of the most common questions we hear in our Boulder Physical Therapy and Lafayette Physical Therapy clinics is should
Back Injuries diagnostic imaging, imaging, low back pain
Low back pain is one of the most common conditions treated by physical therapists. Studies have shown that up to
Running Injuries bone density, bone health, running, running injury, stress fracture
Running remains one of the most popular outdoor activities in Boulder County. Each day in our Boulder Physical Therapy and
Pelvic Health pelvic health, postpartum, postpartum fitness, pregnancy, prenatal exercise
The effects of pregnancy on bone health in premenopausal women can lead to changes in bone mineral density (BMD). During
low back pain low back pain, mobility, treatment
Do you have low back pain? At our Boulder Physical Therapy and Lafayette Physical Therapy clinics we often examine your
Sports Performance performance, recovery, sleep
Sleep continues to gain momentum as an important component of health and sports performance. In our Boulder Physical Therapy and
Sports Performance exercise, handstand, shoulder strength, strength training
 In our Boulder Physical Therapy clinic we are often asked what is the most important muscle to work on with
knee pain exercise, exercise prescription, knee arthritis
Knee arthritis is one of the most common knee pain conditions treated in our Boulder Physical Therapy and Lafayette Physical
climbing climbing, immune system, rock climbing, sports performance, strength training
Strength training is not utilized by rock climbers enough! While many people assume that strength training is only for building
general physical therapy myofascial pain, pain, treatment
Muscular or myofascial pain is one of the most common sources of pain in body. We commonly treat this type
Pelvic Health incontinece, pelvic floor strengthening, pelvic health, women's health
Urinary incontinence is a common (but not normal!) problem among elderly women, and it can greatly affect their quality of
Sports Performance mobility, overhead athletes, sports performance
Overhead athletes rely on their thoracic spine's mobility and stability to generate power and prevent injury. In our Boulder Physical
Back Injuries back and leg pain, low back pain, sciatica, surgery
Sciatica is a painful condition with symptoms of pain, numbness, and/or pins and needles extending down the leg. The term
Exercise aging, dementia, exercise, grip strength, mental health
Dementia is one of the most common mental health disorders affecting many older adults around the world. Authors estimate 50
handstand exercise, handstand, Wrist Pain
A lot of clients I work with in our Boulder Physical Therapy practice report wrist pain in their handstands. While
shoulder pain injection, rotator cuff tear, shoulder pain, tendon pain
In our Lafayette Physical Therapy and Boulder Physical Therapy clinics we often have my patients ask whether a steroid injection
Back Injuries low back pain, mobility, treatment, yoga
Chronic low back pain can be a debilitating condition and has the potential to affect anyone. In our Boulder Physical
Uncategorized exercise prescription, hip pain, hip strengthening
Whether you want to increase your back squat, shave some time off your Fran score, or take fewer breaks on
Pelvic Health constipation, groin injury, male pelvic health, pelvic health, pelvic pain, urinary tract infections (UTI)
1. Testicular pain Yes, men can benefit from pelvic physical therapy. Testicular pain is often not an issue with the
Running Injuries exercise prescription, return to sport, running, running injuries
At our Lafayette Physical Therapy and Boulder Physical Therapy clinics we are continuously working on getting runners back to the