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Mend Colorado Utilizing Breakthrough Physical Therapy Treatments for Osteoporosis Through Specialized Weight Training

July 1, 2024

By utilizing evidence-based strength training programs, Mend’s expert clinicians provide personalized care to help patients regain bone mass and achieve optimal health outcomes. 

BOULDER, Colorado – Mend Colorado, a leading physical therapy practice with locations in Boulder and Lafayette, wants to remind residents of its innovative approach to treating osteoporosis through specialized weight training. Leveraging the latest research and the team’s unparalleled expertise, the practice offers a groundbreaking solution to help patients reverse osteoporosis and regain bone mass.

For years, conventional wisdom suggested that bone density loss from osteoporosis could only be slowed, not reversed. However, recent research has demonstrated that both men and women can effectively regain bone mass through high-level strength training. Mend Colorado’s team of expert clinicians is at the forefront of this medical advancement, providing tailored exercise regimens designed to optimize bone health.

“At Mend Colorado, we’re thrilled to integrate these groundbreaking findings into our practice,” said Dr. Jeff Ryg, a leading physical therapist at Mend Colorado. “Our specialized weight training programs are meticulously crafted to each patient’s ability level, ensuring safe and effective osteoporosis treatment.”

Mend Colorado distinguishes itself through its use of board certified, Doctors of Physical Therapy representing the highest levels of education and expertise in the field. This ensures that every patient receives individualized, top-tier care from highly qualified professionals. The personalized approach not only facilitates superior outcomes but also reduces the number of visits required, making care more accessible and affordable.

Dr. Megan Davis, another esteemed physical therapist at Mend Colorado, emphasized, “Our hands-on, research-driven approach to weight training and osteoporosis is tailored to meet the unique needs of each patient. We focus on the root causes of pain and mobility issues, enabling us to create highly effective treatment plans that promote swift and sustained recovery.”

The treatment process begins with an in-depth initial appointment lasting 60 minutes. During this session, patients undergo a detailed history intake and a thorough PT examination to identify the underlying causes of their symptoms. This comprehensive evaluation is crucial for developing an effective treatment plan.

“By understanding the precipitating factors of each patient’s condition, we can implement targeted interventions that address both symptoms and their root causes,” explained Dr. Kristin Carpenter, a clinician at Mend Colorado. “This approach is particularly effective for osteoporosis, where the right combination of manual therapy and strength training can significantly improve bone density and overall health.”

Mend Colorado invites those suffering from osteoporosis to experience their cutting-edge treatment firsthand. With a commitment to excellence and a patient-centered approach, Mend Colorado stands out as a premier provider of physical therapy in Boulder and Lafayette.

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Mend Colorado is a renowned provider of physical therapy in Boulder and Lafayette, CO. Its dedicated team is committed to delivering personalized care, helping individuals recover from injuries, enhance sports performance, and achieve optimal health and longevity. With a focus on spine care, orthopedic care, pelvic health, sports medicine, and weight training and osteoporosis, Mend Colorado is a trusted partner for the well-being of the Boulder community. Reach out today to make an appointment.