Understanding Pain and the Mend Physical Therapy Difference

Breakthroughs in Pain Science

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Breakthroughs in Pain Science

Our understanding of pain has changed tremendously over the last decade. We now have greater insights into the mechanisms behind pain and the effective Physical Therapy treatments for individuals who are dealing with both acute and persistent pain conditions. Our treatment approach at Mend is to treat the whole person not just the area of pain accelerating your recovery in fewer clinic visits.

At Mend, we believe the first step in recovery from any condition is to better understand what is causing your pain and symptoms. Commonly answered questions include “Why do I still hurt?” and “When will this pain go away?” We help every patient navigate the available evidence and information on their specific condition. This page contains the most up to date information on the science behind pain and how this science applies to your symptoms. Learn more about how the brain is uniquely responsible for the pain experience and how it can either assist or hinder our recovery from an injury. Easy to implement solutions are provided on how you can maximize your body’s healing.

Below is a sampling of helpful videos by experts in the field of pain science who can assist you in better understanding your symptoms. Research shows the combination of education and physical therapy interventions empower patients to reduce their symptoms and the impact of pain on their lives. We recommend every patient watch Understanding Pain: What to do about it in less than 5 minutes. Others will enjoy additional videos expanding on the insights in this first video.

Lorimer Moseley international pain expert’s article “What is pain and what is happening when we feel it?”