Half of all Americans are limited by muscle or joint pain

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Our fellowship trained, Doctors of Physical Therapy are in the top 1% of their field. Research shows optimal outcomes, fewer visits, and a cost savings of $1500 per episode of care when your care is provided by expert level clinicians.


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Individualized Care Provided By Expert Clinicians.

Complete an initial session with one of our experts to identify/diagnose your problem and underlying causes.
Create a collaborative, customized plan for your care to enable you to achieve your goals.
Execute the plan for optimal recovery.

Google Reviews

The folks at Mend have been incredibly helpful from day one. They ensured I got connected with the right PT for my needs (Eli is awesome!!) and he has helped me tremendously and allowed me to continue my sport pain free. I also have more knowledge on how to avoid issues in the future and know I can always reach out for questions or support. Highly recommend them!!
Tam Burke
Tam Burke
I love working with Robert Adams here. I am a yogi and my injury was yoga related so having someone that has experience in the yoga would has been invaluable to me. Robert is so knowledgeable and kind.
Blake Busse
Blake Busse
Mend -- and Heather Fraebel, in particular -- was great and would definitely recommend to anyone in need of treatment.
Jennifer Nua
Jennifer Nua
I came to MEND when I was recently postpartum and was having pelvic floor issues. My OB diagnosed me with uterine and bladder prolapse and said it should fix itself within six months. I told her that my quality was life was being negatively impacted by my symptoms and I was unwilling to just wait it out, and I asked what further she could do. She said a pelvic floor physical therapist would be my best bet, so I made an appointment with MEND. I got an appointment with Chelsey at about five weeks postpartum and she did an assessment and external exam and made recommendations of gentle exercises to do and symptoms to look out for. Within two weeks I was feeling MUCH better. I have continued working with her (I am now five months postpartum), and am back to running and working out like normal, no more modifications! I now recommend pelvic floor PT to all the moms I know, even those who are currently pregnant. I wish I had gone in during pregnancy for help with SPD pain. And I highly recommend Chelsey!!! She takes time to explain everything, is thorough in the assessments she does, is gentle and reassuring, and still makes me work up a sweat with the exercises she prescribes me now. Thank you, MEND and Chelsey! :)
Devin Perreault
Devin Perreault
I have a lot of great things to say about this clinic, it will be a challenge to narrow my list down to a reasonable length. As the owner of Uplift Boulder, a strength training focused gym in town, I find it essential for my staff and myself to know what is and what isn't in our scope of practice. Should a member be dealing with pain or an injury, we regularly refer to Mend to get our members back... on the mend. Their staff is professional, knowledgeable, and clearly is regularly pursuing continuing education. Should I get banged up, I'll go to Mend myself. I recommend their services to anyone looking to get out of pain and better understand what they are going through. If you are looking for a physical therapist that will help you return to your favorite activities instead of telling you that you will no longer be able to do something, this is the clinic for you.
Tessa Kaiser
Tessa Kaiser
I worked with Robert, who helped me figure out my shoulder pain issue after I'd worked with another PT for months with no results. He is incredibly thorough, logical, professional, and just a great PT overall. Obviously very educated and well trained. I will go back to him, especially if I have a challenging case.
Libby Horton
Libby Horton
I've been going to mend for a couple years now, and love it. VP is fastidious and thorough. He really listens, and gives accessible, realistic exercises to help the healing process. The facility itself is very clean and organized. Everything is always on time, and I appreciate that I automatically get emailed a superbill to submit to my insurance company right after every appointment.
Liz Willette Danneels
Liz Willette Danneels
I absolutely love Mend. MVP is an amazing therapist and has completely fixed my foot issue so I am moving him onto my back and hand issues! There is a great energy there, everyone clearly loves what they do and its a very positive place to be.

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