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Rock Climbing Injuries

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Rock Climbing Injuries

Climbers don’t go to traditional physical therapy.

Now there are sports medicine practitioners who specialize in the diagnosis and rehabilitation of rock climbing injuries.

Climbing is more than just a sport and you deserve more than traditional physical therapy to get back to your way of life.

The movement demands of rock climbing tend to cause particular types of musculoskeletal conditions. If left untreated these conditions lead to recurrent injuries and above all: time away from climbing! Mend uses research-informed treatments to address the following conditions specific to rock climbing:

Mend is proud to partner with TrainingBeta. Check out our most recent Podcast: Understanding and Assessing Your Climbing Injuries, and our Blog: Benefits of Strengthening the Posterior Chain in Climbers.

The Mend Method

The movement demands of rock climbing can lead to muscle imbalances. These can easily be overcome with corrective exercises in combination with manual therapy techniques. Our examination looks at:

  • Global posture: head/neck, thoracic spine, and shoulder positioning
  • Shoulder stability
  • Posterior chain function and strength
  • Thoracic and shoulder joint mobility
  • Antagonist muscle function
  • Discuss your climbing goals: projecting, competition, recreational
  • And much more

We then create a treatment plan unique to your rock climbing goals.

We have tons of free resources on diagnosis and treatment of rock climbing injuries. Get some free beta!

Whether you’re a casual climber or pushing your upper limits, you will benefit from these research-based exercises that strengthen oppositional and shoulder …