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Racquet Sports injury prevention, pickleball, raquet sports, sports performance, tennis
You might have noticed that your neighbor, aunt, or even dentist is getting into the pickleball craze. This dynamic paddle
running knee arthritis, knee osteoarthritis, knee pain, running
Previous research has shown exercise has a protective effect on knee cartilage and the development of osteoarthritis.  Cartilage is a
Exercise aerobic exercise, cycling, exercise, high intensity interval training, intensity, vo2 max
One of our best measures of an individual's fitness and overall physical health is the VO2 max.  This measurement allows
Uncategorized cardiovascular disease, disease risk, exercise, sedentary, sitting
As a country we have become more sedentary due to technological advances at work.  Allowing employees to sit and work
Pelvic Health hip replacement, incontinence, knee replacement, pelvic health, total joint replacement
A recent article published in February 2024 explores the correlation between urinary incontinence and the need for total hip and
headaches cervicogenic headache, dry needling, exercise, headache, spinal manipulation
Headaches are one of the most common reasons patients seek care by a Physical Therapist.  In our Boulder Physical Therapy
Time continues to be the most common barrier to participants beginning or continuing an exercise program.  As adults look to
Back Injuries
In our Boulder Physical Therapy and Lafayette Physical Therapy clinics we commonly see patients with back pain that have not
Back Injuries, Uncategorized back injuries, back pain, low back pain, spinal manipulation
Spinal manipulation may be one of the oldest forms of treatment in medicine dating at least back to Hippocrates.  This
Press Release
The physical therapy practice is dedicated to helping cyclists combat both acute and chronic knee pain so they can ride
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The physical therapy practice has several headache specialists on staff, and the new web page explains how they treat the
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Colorado’s premier practice aims to empower rock climbers with the knowledge to heal from rock climbing injuries faster and prevent
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The evidence-based resource aims to empower Boulder and Lafayette residents who suffer from lower back pain.   BOULDER, Colorado – Mend
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Led by a dedicated team of experts, Mend Colorado has a wide range of offerings, ensuring patients find the right
Press Release
BOULDER, Colorado - Mend Colorado, a leading physical therapy clinic in Colorado, is excited to announce the launch of its enhanced
swimming injury risk, shoulder pain, sports performance, strength training, swimming
Swimming is one of the more popular forms of exercise in Boulder County.  In our Boulder Physical Therapy and Lafayette
climbing climbing, rock climbing, rock climbing finger pain, strength training
Rock climbing is a challenging sport. However, training for climbing might be an even more challenging endeavor. To rock climb
Knee Injuries cycling, knee arthritis, knee injuries, knee pain
Research continues to be published highlighting the importance of exercise for the treatment and prevention of knee arthritis.  Our previous
Back Injuries activity, disease risk, exercise, low back pain, sedentary
Low back pain is one of the most common reasons patients seek care from their primary care physician or Physical
sports injuries hamstring injury, hamstring strain, injury prevention, sports injuries
Background Hamstring injuries are one of the most common injuries in athletics accounting for up to 20% of all sports
Knee Injuries exercise, knee arthritis, knee injuries, soccer, sports injuries
Our understanding of knee arthritis has changed significantly over the last 10 years with greater research on knee cartilage as
Exercise aerobic exercise, disease risk, exercise, heart disease
Nearly half of all Americans do not reach the recommended levels of strength training or aerobic exercise each week.  These
Ever hit the brakes on your cycling journey because of knee pain? You're not alone. Knee pain is a common
Exercise exercise prescription, muscle hypertrophy, strength training
In our Boulder Physical Therapy and Lafayette Physical Therapy clinics we are often working with patients to restore and/or improve