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The Most Overlooked Area Of Your Exercise Prescription

August 7, 2023

I can remember meeting with a physician in the past about the tremendous health effects of exercise for his patients. He responded that the effects of exercise don’t last if the patient stops their program. Despite the irony found in his treatment approach using medications with short term effects to manage chronic diseases, I responded neither do the effects of bathing which is why we recommend it daily.

Every exercise program should be carefully prescribed by a Physical Therapist to ensure it meets both the capability and needs of the participant. Important variables such as type of exercise, frequency per week, duration each day, and intensity must be dialed in to achieve the desired results. Missing out on any one of these variables lowers the effectiveness of the exercise session. Although a strong case could be made for incorrect intensity, I believe consistency is the most missed variable of a participant’s weekly exercise.

Their are numerous studies highlighting the barriers to exercise including time, access to equipment, motivation, pain, and disease states. All of these can contribute to inconsistent performance and prevent a participant from benefiting from the mental, emotional, and physical health benefits of exercise. In our Boulder and Lafayette Physical Therapy clinics we educate patients to choose safe and effective exercises which raise your heart rate, and most importantly, are enjoyable. Finding enjoyment and fun in how you exercise is critical to improving your compliance and reaching your goals. Click the button below to schedule your next session with an expert at MEND.