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Utilizing The Vertical Pull To Reduce Your Low Back Pain

August 7, 2023

Low back pain is one of the most common reasons people visit their primary care physician and Physical Therapist. In our Boulder and Lafayette Physical Therapy clinics we effectively treat this condition with education, spinal manipulation, and exercise. This latter intervention has the greatest long term effects on symptoms and risk of symptom recurrence. In the initial phases of the recovery process, core stability exercises are prescribed based on core weaknesses found during the Physical Therapy exam. As patient’s progress in their recovery these core stability muscles are then incorporated into larger multi-joint strength training movements such as the squat or hinge.

Another important multi joint category for patients with low back pain is the vertical pull. Pulling movements, both horizontally and vertically, occur throughout our day and require utilization of one of the largest muscles in our body, the latissimus dorsi. This muscle connects into our upper arm and travels backward spanning from our middle back down to our tailbone providing support to our middle and lower backs. With more challenging rows and pulling exercises you gain core strength along with upper body strength. As our patients with low back pain are transitioned into higher level exercises, such as the vertical pull, greater improvements are noted in their pain and function. Check out the video below for exercise examples of the vertical pull.