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What Are The Best Treatments For Patellofemoral Pain?

September 11, 2022

Patellofemoral Pain, or pain around the knee cap, is the most common source of knee pain. Although common, patellofemoral pain can lead to significant limitations in daily, occupational, and recreational activities. Left untreated, 50% of patients with patellofemoral pain report symptoms at a 5 year follow up. In our Boulder Physical Therapy practice we commonly treat symptoms from this diagnosis including pain, hip and knee weakness, and a loss of lower quarter mobility. A recent systematic review was published on the interventions and treatments shown to have a positive impact at a 3 month follow up.

Neal and colleagues published their findings on the best treatments for patellofemoral pain in the Journal of Sports Physical Therapy (2022). Authors examined 65 randomized controlled trials in their systematic review and meta analysis to determine the treatments that produced the best short term outcomes in patients with this condition. These included