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Why CrossFitters Should Be Seen By A Physical Therapist Who Does CrossFit

December 21, 2021

CrossFit has often been described as a cult, and that is not entirely inaccurate. A cult is a social group (community) that is defined by its “unusual” religious, spiritual, or philosophical beliefs, or its common interest (health and wellness) in a particular personality, object, or goal (fitness). The practice of these beliefs is commonly associated with a particular place (the box), unique dialect (WOD, AMRAP, EMOM, thruster, etc), and excessive devotion (self-explanatory). In this sense, CrossFit is absolutely a cult and something individuals should be proud to be part of.

The box is our place of worship, the WOD is our daily sermon, the sweat angels and ripped hands we give are our sacrifice. We love to hate our training. We join together for an hour worth of misery, roll around on the floor exhausted and out of breath, then get up to high five everyone. We repeatedly put ourselves through this “adversity” because it makes daily life easier, it makes us better humans outside the gym, and because nothing brings people together like mutual suffering.

Whether you are dealing with a nagging injury that just won’t seem to go away, rehabbing from surgery with the goal of getting back to higher level gymnastics skills, or simply seeking to improve your performance in the gym so you can Rx that WOD you never that you would, come see a Boulder Physical Therapist that is a CrossFitter. We speak your language, we understand the passion, because we are also proud members of this awesome cult full of individuals seeking to become their best self.

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