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What Are The Best Interventions For Stress Relief

September 28, 2022

Stress management is a critical skill for any individual including patients in our Boulder and Lafayette Physical Therapy practices. Stress falls into a if not when category and when it impact our daily lives we need to look for constructive outlets. Common stress management strategies include talking to a friend/family member, exercise, sleep, journaling/prayer, and mindfulness. Authors recommend individuals focus on what they can control and not utilize mental energy towards both the past or the future which can be associated with either depressive, anxious, or stressful thoughts. A recent review of the research reported on the most successful interventions for reducing work related stress.

Restrepo and colleagues published their findings on interventions for work related stress in the journal Work (2021). Authors including 29 research articles on multiple interventions including exercise, mindfulness, cognitive behavioral therapy, and technological apps and programs. They reported the most successful interventions on stress, anxiety, depression, and burnout included programs utilizing mindfulness and aerobic exercise.

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