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Physical Therapy as a Treatment for Chronic Prostatitis

October 6, 2022

Receive a diagnosis of prostatitis for your pelvic pain or urinary dysfunction? Only 8-10% of cases of prostatitis are due to a bacterial infection. If antibiotics didn’t work in relieving symptoms, you may be in the category of ‘chronic prostatitis/chronic pelvic pain syndrome’ (CPPS). 

What are the symptoms of chronic prostatitis?

  • Bladder symptoms: urgency, frequency, hesitancy, stream changes, pain

  • Bowel symptoms: frequency, constipation, pain before during or after, difficulty emptying

  • Sexual dysfunctions: erectile dysfunction, pain with erection or ejaculation

  • Genital pain: in in testicles or penis

A recent research study by Moheb et al has found that men with chronic prostatitis have significantly higher resting tension of their pelvic floor muscles and significantly less ability to relax pelvic floor muscles after a contraction. This indicates it may be pelvic floor muscle tension and resulting nerve irritation from muscle tension that is leading to these symptoms rather than the prostate itself.


Given the findings of pelvic floor dysfunction in those with chronic prostatitis, pelvic physical therapy can be a treatment option. First, a thorough pelvic exam with a pelvic specialist can help identify personalized dysfunctions. Then through techniques to manually release pelvic floor muscles, coordination exercises, relaxation techniques, breathing techniques, and global strengthening exercises, we can manage pelvic floor muscle tension with physical therapy. Studies have found pelvic physical therapy to be successful in decreasing symptoms of chronic prostatitis.

Curious if physical therapy is an option for you? Schedule an appointment with one of our Boulder or Lafayette based pelvic health physical therapists today.

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