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Manual Therapy and Exercise Shown To Improve Dizziness

September 19, 2022

Our neck plays an important role in our ability to balance and maintain equilibrium within our environment. This region of the spine has a high density of sensors called proprioceptors which provide immediate feedback to our spinal cord and brain regarding our body position in space. In some patients with neck pain this system can function abnormally leading to symptoms of dizziness, poor balance, lightheadedness, and vertigo. In our Boulder and Lafayette Physical Therapy clinics an examination by a Physical Therapist specializing in this condition can best determine the source of the symptoms. A new research article was published documenting the best treatments for this neck driven condition.

De Vestel and colleagues in the Journal of Manual and Manipulative Therapy published a recent review of the available evidence on the treatment of cervicogenic dizziness (2022). Authors completed a review on 13 randomized, controlled trials of almost 900 participants. They reported inconsistent benefits of exercise treatment alone in the management of traumatic cervicogenic dizziness. Conversely, when exercise was combined with manual therapy participants reported the highest improvement in outcome on neck pain and balance impairments.

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