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athletes, Exercise, prevention, running, sports injuries adolescents, overuse injury, prevention, sports injuries
Over the last few years there has been a spike in athletic injuries in our community's youth and adolescent athletes.
athletes, Exercise, running, sports injuries, triathlon older adults, running, running economy, speed
Running is one of the most common forms of exercise due to its' wide appeal, minimal equipment needs, and aerobic
athletes, elbow pain, Exercise, prevention, shoulder pain, sports injuries baseball, elbow pain, physical therapy, shoulder pain, sports injuries
Shoulder and elbow injuries are on the rise among youth and professional baseball players.  Our previous post on baseball injuries detailed
There are disagreements on how to best manage acute low back pain, see our prior blog post on physical therapy
Arm Injuries in ThrowersThrowing injuries among baseball players are on the rise with a 54% and 58% increase in disability
Low Back Pain Background InformationLow back pain is a common disorder affecting up to 90% of people in the lifetime
low back pain, MD owned PT service low back pain, physical therapy, physician owned physical therapy practice
Currently, consumers have many choices of where to obtain Physical Therapy services for their pain and sports injuries.  One option
Arthritis, Exercise, knee arthritis, knee pain, Manual Therapy, prevention, strengthening knee arthritis, knee pain, knee replacement, manual therapy, physical therapy
Knee Arthritis Background InformationOsteoarthritis (OA) costs have risen to 13.2 billion dollars per year and are the leading cause of
Arthritis, back and leg pain, low back pain, MRI, spinal stenosis, treatment injections, leg pain, low back pain, lumbar radiculopathy, spinal stenosis
The use of lumbar corticosteroid injections is often utilized for patients with back and leg pain (radicular pain) and/or leg
Arthritis, Exercise, Hip, Manual Therapy arthrtis, exercise, hip, manual therapy
Hip Osteoarthritis BackgroundHip Osteoarthritis (OA) is considered one of the most serious musculoskeletal problems secondary to its impact on patients’
Exercise, Manual Therapy exercise, heel pain, manual therapy, plantar fasciitis
Heel Pain (Plantar Fasciitis) BackgroundPlantar fasciitis/fasciosis is the most common cause of heel pain. Patient often complain of pain upon
athletes, Exercise, prevention, sports injuries athletes, functional movement screen, prevention, sports injuries
Athletic InjuriesMore than 10,000 athletes seek treatment for sports, recre- ation, and exercise based injuries on a daily basis(12).7 million
athletes, Exercise, sports injuries, stretching running, running economy, stretching
Why to perform static stretching AFTER running:The ability of an individual to reach maximal performance in distance running is determined