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Weekly Mobility Mend

July 11, 2022

CrossFit specific warm up and maintenance exercises created by the Doctors of Physical Therapy at Mend.

Every week you get a 3 minute video:

  • 1 Mobility Exercise

  • 1 Muscle Activation

  • and the Why


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Instead of modifying the WOD, figure out the cause of your pain.

The orthopedic specialists at Mend in Boulder and Lafayette, Colorado are trained in the treatment and rehabilitation of CrossFit and fitness athletes. Our physical therapists ACTUALLY DO CROSSFIT so we understand the unique demands of the sport and the intricacies of form. We understand your goals because we have them too. If you’re interested in more information, please read out other CrossFit Blogs and schedule a free consultation with the experts at Mend. Every session at Mend is 1 hour, one-one-one with a doctor of physical therapy.