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When Can I Jump After ACL Surgery?

March 16, 2022

Chances are high that if you suffered an ACL injury you are an active individual and nothing is more challenging for an active person than telling them that they cannot be active. Hopping and jumping are simple dynamic movements that are integral to sport activities. After ACL surgery, the knee requires systematic training and progression to get back to 100% jumping form. Therefore, the sooner you can return to safe jump training, the sooner you can return to CrossFit, running, skiing, mountain biking, bouldering or whatever your sport may be. 

Widely utilized ACL protocols suggest initiation of hop training at 7-12 weeks once the patient subjectively reports he/she can perform 70% of daily tasks and demonstrates full range of motion. While these are important considerations, it does not show us the whole picture. The ACL specialists at Mend can supplement this subjective information with objective measurements to provide optimal rehab recommendations based on your specific needs. Therefore, you will be able to progress from walking to hopping to jumping as soon as the knee is functionally capable. 

The objective measurements at this phase of rehab should include tests for absolute strength, absolute power, and video analysis of knee control. This allows individualized progression through the recovery process and ultimately earlier initiation of jump training. The sooner the jump training is initiated, the sooner you will be ready to return to sport activities.

Book an evaluation at Mend today to receive objective data on the status of your ACL recovery. The clinics in Boulder and Lafayette, Colorado have the specialized testing equipment to give you an accurate return-to-sport screening.