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Cost Effectiveness of Physical Therapy With or WIthout Primary Care

June 24, 2016

Health care costs have continued to outpace inflation each year.  Our previous posts have detailed the cost savings associated with seeing a Physical Therapist for many musculoskeletal conditions.  In addition to saving health care expenses, Physical Therapy produces excellent outcomes for many musculoskeletal conditions.  A recent review article summarized the cost effectiveness of Physical Therapy alone or with usual care for various health conditions.

Burge and colleagues reviewed the available literature from 1998-2014 and included 18 research articles in their review (Physical Therapy 2016).  The authors found Physical Therapy alone or added to usual care improved health outcomes in the vast majority of studies.  In addition, Physical Therapy alone or in combination with usual care was cost effective for many health conditions.  Patient are encouraged to pursue Physical Therapy interventions for their musculoskeletal complaints to improve outcomes and reduce health care costs.