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Treating Rock Climbing Injuries: Mend’s Guide Offers Solutions Through Targeted Physical Therapy

May 30, 2024

Colorado’s premier practice aims to empower rock climbers with the knowledge to heal from rock climbing injuries faster and prevent similar issues in the future. 

BOULDER, Colorado  – The thrill of scaling a challenging rock face is undeniable, but the sport can also leave its mark on the body in the form of various injuries. To help climbers reach new heights while minimizing the risk of pain and limitations, Mend Colorado, a leading physical therapy practice with locations in Boulder and Lafayette, has launched a comprehensive guide on rock climbing physical therapy. This valuable resource delves into the intricacies of rock climbing injuries, providing climbers with insightful information and highlighting the benefits of targeted physical therapy for both injury treatment and injury prevention.

“Rock climbing requires a unique combination of strength, flexibility, and endurance,” explained Dr. John Crawley, a dedicated member of the Mend team in Boulder specializing in treating orthopedic conditions. “Unfortunately, these demands can lead to overuse injuries, sprains, strains, and even joint issues. Our new guide empowers climbers to understand these injuries, recognize warning signs, and explore the advantages of personalized physical therapy in tackling them effectively.”

The Mend Method, a cornerstone of the practice’s approach, takes center stage in the guide. This patient-centric framework ensures everyone receives a tailored treatment plan focused on their specific needs and climbing goals. 

“Whether you’re a seasoned climber facing chronic shoulder instability or a beginner experiencing finger joint pain, our team develops individualized programs incorporating manual therapy, targeted exercises, and climbing-specific conditioning,” said Dr. Evan Ingerson, PT, DPT, OCS, who practices at the Boulder clinic. “These targeted interventions address the root cause of the injury, promote efficient healing, and enhance your overall climbing performance.”

Beyond treatment, the guide emphasizes proactive strategies for injury prevention. Climbers will discover valuable insights on proper warm-up and cool-down techniques, body mechanics optimization, and training modifications to address individual imbalances and weaknesses.

“By combining expert physical therapy with preventative strategies, climbers can significantly reduce their risk of injuries and climb with confidence,” Dr. Crawley emphasized. “Our goal is to help climbers climb for life, free from pain and limitations. 

You can view the Mend rock climbing physical therapy guide here: 


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