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Regular Exercise Shown To Improve Tendon Health

March 7, 2022


Tendon injuries are one of the most common sports injuries seen in our Lafayette and Boulder Physical Therapy clinics. Most often overuse in nature, tendon injuries can significantly limit an individual’s ability to perform their daily and recreational activities. Tendinopathy, formerly known as tendinitis, describes the chronic cellular chemical and structural changes that occur within an injured tendon. Physical Therapy aims to improve these changes by using strength training to slowly remodeling the tendon over time back to 100%. As the tendon heals it regains its spring, or stiffness, allowing for proper energy absorption and release during functional activities such as walking and running. A recent study demonstrates the importance of exercise on maintaining tendon health.

Sichting and colleagues examined the tendon structure and behavior in twins to determine the relative impacts of genetic and environmental factors on tendon health (Front Phys. 2022). In particular, how tendons adapt to regular low to moderate level intensity exercise. Authors studied the mechanical properties of achilles tendons in 40 identical twin pairs. Authors also identified the exercise habits in these individuals looking for within or between pair differences. They reported active twins had 28% greater achilles tendon stiffness compared to their inactive twin. In addition, greater amounts of stiffness were found among individuals who participated in jumping or bounding sports and activities.

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