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Do I Need to Talk to My Healthcare Provider Before Resuming or Starting an Exercise Program After Finding Out I’m Pregnant?

October 8, 2022

After waiting the seemingly longest 2 minutes of your life, the stick reads “pregnant.” It’s overwhelming joyful, shocking, and admittedly a little scary. Millions of questions begin piling up in your mind, one of them about exercise – can I continue my normal routine or do I need to see my provider first? Waiting for that first appointment can take weeks, what should I do until then?

Thankfully, for most pregnant individuals the answer is clear: exercise is extremely beneficial for both mom and baby and should be continued (or even started!) during pregnancy. Exercise has been deemed a critical part of healthy pregnancy as well as for the postpartum period. A recently published pre-screen questionnaire can you help determine if you can continue or start exercise during pregnancy or if you should speak with your health care provider first. The questionnaire was developed as a self-assessment tool to empower pregnant individuals to take responsibility for their own health during pregnancy and recognize the importance of staying or getting active during pregnancy. If you answer yes to any of the questions, it is important to discuss physical activity and modifications with your health care provider. If not, good news! There are new guidelines on how you can continue (or start) a safe exercise program during pregnancy.
Though research is still lacking in the world of pregnancy and activity, we know that women without contraindications should be encouraged to participate in regular, moderate intensity exercise throughout their pregnancy (click here to learn more about the benefits of exercise during pregnancy). In the first protocol of its kind, a group of professional leaders in the women’s health community recently developed a timeline for exercise during pregnancy. They have proposed recommendations for each stage of pregnancy on how to achieve the recommended dosing of cardiovascular fitness, neuromusclar activity, strength training, and pelvic floor integration techniques. Modifications are also included depending on symptoms and postural changes as pregnancy progresses.

Though this outline is based on recommendations by leaders in the pregnancy and postpartum exercise world, there is still ongoing research needed to solidify these recommendations with data. To learn more about exercise during pregnancy or to receive guidance on continuing, progressing, or starting your pregnancy exercise journey click here to schedule with one of our pelvic health specialists in our Boulder or Lafayette locations today.


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