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How does exercise reduce inflammation?

January 13, 2021


One of the key job responsibilities of a Physical Therapist is motivating a patient to exercise despite bodily pain and other signs of inflammation such as warmth and swelling. While there is certainly a short term benefit for rest in some conditions, the medical research continues to highlight the importance of early, progressive exercise in a patient’s recovery.

The mechanisms behind exercise’s positive impact on pain, as well as, acute and chronic inflammation in the body are multi factorial in nature. The immune, cardiovascular, and nervous systems, as well as, the musculoskeletal system are critical in the reduction of pain and inflammation after injury or disease. In particular, researchers continue to study the production and release of a powerful peptide from skeletal muscle.

Myokines are released from skeletal muscle during muscular contractions and have both local and organism wide effects in the body. Researchers have reported on the beneficial effects of myokines in both acute and chronic conditions including metabolic conditions including diabetes and heart disease. These authors have also reported myokine expression may offer one explanation behind the lower rates of chronic disease among active adults (Luana et al. front physiol. 2018).

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