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Is Telehealth Physical Therapy Effective?

April 13, 2020


How can you give me a proper diagnosis without feeling my muscles or joints?

Most physical therapists will tell you: “I am highly confident of my diagnosis after the question and answer portion of the visit.” And it’s not just blind confidence. Research studies have examined this concept and found that 83% of diagnoses are accurately made purely from asking questions of the patient. Clinical patterns are recognized during this portion of the visit and confirmed or refuted by the clinical examination. After the objective examination and a thorough movement assessment and we have a very clear picture of both the cause and contributing factors to your symptoms.

We acknowledge that we are limited in this time of quarantine. But that doesn’t mean we can’t get to the root of your condition and get you feeling better, quickly. Physical palpation is only one portion of a Physical Therapist’s diagnosis process and for many of us it plays a smaller role. While we are unable to feel muscle quality and assess joint mobility through the screen, we get much more diagnostic information about your unique condition through targeted questioning and watching you move.

At Mend we pride ourselves on our ability to get you better, faster and the right diagnosis accounts for most of this process. This is why each patient gets a full hour appointment. We provide a thorough and research-based examination that takes into consideration: the specific symptomatic tissue(s), contributing factors (weakness, tightness, movement), your phase in the healing process and risk for reinjury, as well as, the unique goals that you are working toward.