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When Should I See Someone for My Low Back Pain?

March 29, 2022

Strains and irritation to the low back can be very common but extremely frustrating when lasting longer than a few weeks. The low back (Lumbar Spine) is a large and resilient structure that can handle tremendous forces and movement; however the loads of activity can supersede the capacity of the low back tissue can handle. When this occurs, the irritation to the low back tissue can cause a cascade of events that must occur for the tissue and the low back to heal. The timeline of the healing occurs in 3 different phases called the “Phases of Healing”


Phases of Healing

Phase 1: Inflammatory Phase

Timeline: Moment of Irritation – 14-21 days later

At this point, the immune system sends inflammatory chemicals to the area of low back pain to begin the process of healing. This is essential to start the removal of damage and set the foundation for building fresh low back tissue. You should expect the pain to be present during this time secondary to the presence of inflammation. This process will last 2-3 weeks to help heal the low back pain. IF THE PAIN PERSISTS PAST THIS POINT, IT IS SUGGESTED YOU SEEK OUT A PROFESSIONAL HEALTHCARE PROVIDER.


The following phases are the Proliferative and Remodeling Phases. The experts at MEND are skilled in diagnosing and appropriately guiding your low back pain in the remaining phases to decrease pain and increase function. If you are having low back pain lasting longer than 14-21 days, schedule an appointment with one of the experts at MEND.