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Dynamic Warm Up Improves Club Head Speed and Shot Quality in Golfers

Golf remains one a popular American pastime with around 25 million participants each year. Many of these golfers strive for greater shot accuracy and driving distance in order to reduce their scores each round. Previous Physical Therapy research has shown greater driving distance in golfers after completing a Physical Therapy program consisting of hip and spine mobility, as well as, strength training for the lower quarter. Optimizing a golfer’s movement and golf swing also reduces their risk of pain during their round. A recent article analyzed the impact of a golf club warm up versus a dynamic warm up on driving distance and shot quality.

Photo Credit: International Journal of Sports Physical Therapy. 2018.

Photo Credit: International Journal of Sports Physical Therapy. 2018.

Coughlan and colleagues studied male and female golfers before and after completing 3 different warm up conditions: no warm up, dynamic physical and club warm up, or a club warm up (IJSPT. 2018). The dynamic warm up consisted of 7 sport specific, short duration, whole body exercises designed to optimize mobility and muscle activation. In comparison, the golf club warm up consisted of warm up swings with different clubs through various ranges of the swing motion. The authors reported improved club head speed and shot quality after performing the dynamic and club warm up compared to the club warm up alone. Golfers are advised to work with their Physical Therapist on designing a golf specific dynamic warm up to optimize their golf play.

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Influence of Leg Strength on Golf Club Speed
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The golf swing involves movement from our feet through our hands as we accelerate the club head through the ball.  In our Boulder Physical Therapy practice we often see golfers with low back pain aggravated by their golf swing.  Often these athletes have a loss of either hip rotation or hip strength which places unnecessary stresses across the low back.  Treatment to restore motion and especially strength has been shown to improve driving distance through increases in club head speed.  Club head speed is one of the key determinants of golf performance among amateurs do to its' impact on driving distance.

Recently authors examined the correlation of driving distance and club speed with professional golfers' strength.  The authors studied 20 professional golfers and put them through strength and power testing then correlated these findings to the golfer's on course performance measures including club speed.  Younger golfers (<30 years old) utilized more leg strength on the course where as older golfers (>30 years old) used more upper body strength.  Among the younger golfers a significant correlation was found between club speed and leg strength and power.  Golfers looking to improve their performance on the course are advised to work with a Physical Therapist to improve their leg strength and power.