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Running and Longevity

April 18, 2017

running-longevity-adding years to life

We have written about running benefits on our mental, emotional, and physical health in previous blog posts.  Consistent physical activity through the life span has been shown to have significant beneficial effects on our health including decreased risk of disease and improved health and well being.  A new article highlights the impact running can have on our quantity and quality of our lifespan.  

Lee and colleagues analyzed the impact of lifestyle factors, including running, on disease risk and death (Prog Cardiovasc Dis. 2017).  The authors analyzed existing data from the Cooper Institute to look specifically at running and exercise.  The review supported prior research and indicated running reduced a patient’s risk of early death by up to 40% even when controlling for other health and lifestyle factors like diet or smoking.  The authors reported each hour of running increased the lifespan up to 7 hours up to an upper limit of 3 years onto the lifespan.  Other forms of exercise such as walking improved health and longevity but to a lesser extent.  This study adds to the existing literature showing cardiovascular training is one of the best ways to improve health and reduce disease.