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Boulder County Student Athletes and Mend Physical Therapy

September 16, 2015

Have a student athlete that is injured, or always seems to run into issues as the season ramps up? 

At Mend, we are dedicated to keeping our young athletes healthy. One of the tragic consequences of sustaining an injury or experiencing pain as a young athlete is becoming the adult that doesn’t run, ski, hike, exercise regularly (fill in the blank) because they have had a “bad” knee/ankle/etc. since high school. Often these persistent limitations develop simply because that athlete didn’t receive good advice or treatment when the issue began. 

In an effort to keep our young community healthy and active we are offering discounted rates to any student athlete in the area. Please visit the scheduling link on our website: and select “Initial Evaluation: Student Athlete” to schedule your appointment in Boulder or Louisville with Jeff or Kristin. 

Not sure that physical therapy is right for your athlete? Please schedule a free screen and we’ll be happy to take a look and give you our expert advice.