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Arthritis, athletes, Knee Injuries, knee pain, strengthening, stretching, treatment exercise, knee osteoarthritis, knee pain
Knee arthritis (knee OA) is the most common form of osteoarthritis and affects many individuals in middle to older age.  This condition
Back Injuries, low back pain, Manual Therapy, strengthening, treatment low back pain, physical therapy treatments, SI pain
BackgroundSacroiliac (SI) joint pain is an less common source of low back pain but has a higher incidence pregnant and
Arm Injuries, MRI, rotator cuff tear, shoulder pain, strengthening, treatment physical therapy, rotator cuff tear, shoulder pain, surgery
Despite having no symptoms, many of us will develop age-related changes in the musculoskeletal structures of our bodies, similar to
athletes, climbing, performance, sports injuries, Sports Performance climbing, injury risk, prevention
Rock climbing is one of the most popular outdoor sports in Boulder, Colorado.  Often these athletes present to our Physical
athletes, Exercise, prevention, running, Running Injuries, sports injuries injury, older adults, running
Runners older than 50 years old have shown the greatest increase in participation rates among long distance runners.  In a previous
athletes, back and leg pain, Exercise, low back pain, Physical Therapy, strengthening, treatment muscle imbalance, pain, strengthening
The majority of people with lower quarter pain or symptoms will demonstrate altered coordination and communication between the nervous system
foam roller, Injury Treament, performance, stretching, treatment foam roller, stretching
I would imagine the foam roller is slowly taking the place of the exercise ball as the most common piece
ankle sprains, athletes, Foot and Ankle Injuries, Manual Therapy, prevention, treatment ankle sprains, balance, ligament laxity, physical therapy
My approach to treating ankle sprains has changed dramatically since I began working with athletes in the late 1990s.  The
athletes, Exercise, performance, running, stretching dynamic warm up, performance, running
Our prior posts on dynamic warm ups have highlighted the benefits of these exercises on injury prevention and sports performance.
back and leg pain, knee arthritis, knee pain, low back pain, MRI knee pain, low back pain, MRI
Our imaging technologies have made tremendous improvements in their ability to detect abnormalities in our body.  These positive findings may
athletes, Exercise, prevention, strengthening, stretching eccentric exercise, flexibility, strengthening, stretching
Eccentric exericise, where our muscles contract and lengthen, is an essential part of any exercise program.  Its benefits of strength,
athletes, headaches, sports injuries concussion, physical therapy, treatment
Concussion recognition and management has improved dramatically over the last decade.  Coaches and Physical Therapists are able to both recognize
achilles tendinopathy, athletes, Exercise, heel pain, orthotics, strengthening achilles tendinitis, achilles tendinopathy, orthotics
Customized foot orthotics based off a clinical examination, plaster or foam cast have been utilized for decades in order to
athletes, back and leg pain, imaging, low back pain, MRI, prevention, sports injuries athletes, low back pain, MRI, return to sport
We have previously written on low back pain and the dramatic rise in surgeries with this patient population, despite evidence
athletes, baseball, performance, softball, strengthening, Tennis baseball, softball, tennis, throwing velocity, weight training
A common question we receive from young throwers and their parents is how to improve throwing velocity safely without undue
Physical Therapy Exam listening, Physical Therapy examination, subjective history
William Osler, M.D., considered by many to be the father of modern medicine once said "listen to the patient he
back and leg pain, low back pain, Physical Therapy Exam low back pain, subjective history
Introduction Low back pain (LBP) is a common, disabling condition with both musculoskeletal and non musculoskeletal contributions. It has been
athletes, Exercise, prevention, running, sports injuries cramping, running, stretching
Hydration, electrolytes, salt and pickle water are all common internet solutions for muscle cramping.  These remedies are based off the
athletes, elbow pain, prevention, shoulder pain, sports injuries arm pain, baseball, sports injuries
In our practice, we commonly see adolescent baseball athletes suffering from shoulder and elbow injuries.  On average 1 in 2
ACL Injury, athletes, knee pain, sports injuries, treatment ACL injury, knee injury, sports injury, surgery
ACL sprains and complete tears are of the most common injuries we encounter at Mend Physical Therapy. Prior posts in our
athletes, Exercise, prevention, strengthening, stretching injury prevention, strengthening, stretching
In a prior blog posts we discussed the effects of stretching on fitness, performance and flexibility.  We are often prescribing
Arthritis, athletes, Exercise, knee arthritis, knee pain, strengthening, treatment exercise, knee arthritis, knee replacement
Previously we wrote about the positive impacts of exercise on the body's tissues.  The benefits of exercise is based on
athletes, Exercise, stretching exercise, pain, stretching
here are not many more controversial topics in the exercise science literature than stretching.  While most believe stretching is an