Exercise Treatment

If you could put the benefits of exercise in a pill it would easily be the most widely prescribed medication in the world.

The effects of exercise are well known and researched beneffiting on our mental, emotional, and physical health.

Allow the experts at MEND to help you select the most effective exercises for your condition to optimize your recovery and performance.

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Mobility Exercises

This category of exercise addresses the ability of your joints to move through their complete and healthy range of motion. 

Each prescribed exercise is specific to your needs based on our thorough initial examination.

Assistive Exercise

As we recover from an injury or surgery we are unable to use muscles properly due to atrophy, disuse, or pain.  

These exercises utilize off loading, straps, and other strategies to maximize the pain free movement of your muscles and joints.



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Progressive Strengthening Exercises

The final stage of exercise is also the most important to optimize your current and future performance.

Research demonstrates strength training can both reduce your symptom recurrence and lower your future injury risk by 66%.