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Painful and Tender Muscles. Dry Needling Can Help

Concussions: An Underdiagnosed Condition for Athletes

Neck Pain? Manipulation of neck and upper back leads to faster recovery

Neck Pain? Manipulation of upper back leads to decreased pain and improved neck range of motion

Dry Needling and Neck Pain

Neck Pain: Manual Therapy and Exercise leads to a faster recovery

Neck and Arm Pain (cervical radiculopathy) Treatments

Baseball Pitching Mechanics and Reducing Shoulder and Elbow Pain

Frozen Shoulder/Adhesive Capsulitis. What Physical Therapy can do for a stiff and painful shoulder

Low Back Pain. How Physical Therapy can help

Low Back Pain. MRIs should be used sparingly

Total Hip Replacement and Recovery Time

Strengthen Your Hip Muscles: Select the Right Exercise

Strengthen Your Hips to Reduce Knee Pain

Running: Improving Form to Reduce Injuries

Running: How to Safely Increase Your Mileage

Running in Water. Reduce joint loading

Pain on the front of your knee.  A holistic treatment approach

Knee Pain. As an athlete am I at risk?

ACL Surgery: Optimize Your Recovery and Return to Sport

When to Resume Full Activity After an ACL Injury

ACL Injury and Returning to Activity

Safely Strengthen Your Knee With Less Knee Stress

Ankle Sprains: Manual Therapy and Exercise Accelerate Recovery

Heel Pain and Physical Therapy Treatments

Pregnancy and Low Back Pain. How Physical Therapy Can Help.

Health and Wellness

Using Traction for Low Back Pain