Dr. Evan Ingerson

Doctor of Physical Therapy

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Dr. Evan Ingerson

Doctor of Physical Therapy
Board Certified in Orthopedics
“My goal as a physical therapist is to empower my clients. Knowledge is power, especially when it comes to our healing, and its’ power is key to your success. My favorite part of this job is seeing my clients become masters of their pain and be able to manage their healing independently.”

Evan uses a compassionate approach to patient treatment that focuses on the complex nature of how we experience pain. This approach utilizes extensive education as well as targeted manual and exercise therapy. In a 60 minute appointment he can utilize the combination of these interventions to create the best outcomes for each patient. While Evan specializes in treating rock climbers and outdoor athletes he also has expertise in treating clients with persistent pain as well as conditions originating in any part of the body. He also has specialties in treating people with TMJ problems and vestibular disorders such as dizziness or vertigo. Evan’s treatment room is a safe space for all genders, sexual orientations, races, and religions.

Evan was born and raised in Portland, Oregon. After receiving his Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science from Oregon State University he moved to Denver to attend Regis University and explore the Rocky Mountains. Evan graduated with honors with his doctorate in physical therapy from Regis in 2016 and has been doing everything he can to continue to grow his clinical effectiveness ever since.

When he’s not in the clinic Evan enjoys everything Colorado has to offer such as rock climbing, mountain biking, skiing, and ballroom dancing.

Evan is happily taking new clients via telehealth only. Schedule online or contact him directly at evan@mendcolorado.com for inquiries.

Please note: Evan is no longer taking Free Consultations


Here’s a younger version of Evan at the finals of the USA Climbing National Championships. Evan is a lifelong climber who understands the unique physical and mental demands of performance rock climbing. He combines his knowledge of climbing with his expertise in human movement to create effective treatment plans. Evan is also passionate about giving back to the local climbing community and is a part of local organizations that improve quality and access to climbing across the front range.