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Mend offers lab based outpatient orthopedic coursework with an emphasis on evidence based practice, manual therapy interventions, and innovative exercise approaches.  Courses are designed to assist clinicians in differential diagnosis and appropriate treatment selection in order to reduce unnecessary visits and improve outcomes in clinic on Monday. 

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What Participants Are Saying About Mend Courses

“Loved the layout and integration of research throughout.”
“I am going to utilize some of the evidence presented to guide my patient education.”
“I really enjoyed the feedback, especially on body mechanics, given during [manual therapy] labs.”
“I am definitely going to start mobilizing patients in more diverse positions – i.e. at specific points of restriction. Great therapeutic exercise suggestions.”
"Definitely someone I look to emulate going forward!”
“Really great course.  Jeff was thorough and really knowledgeable. It was really evident how much time and attention had gone into the material.”
“Very thorough, patient-centered treatment style and course instruction, and [I] enjoyed the emphasis on patient specificity.”

Complimentary Course Content

Mend Upcoming Courses


April 28th 2018

Innovative Approach to the Hip and Pelvis

Regis University

Denver, CO


May 12th 2018

Innovative Manual Therapy Approach for the Sports Medicine Patient

Indianapolis, IN


June 9th 2018

Innovative Approach to the Shoulder

Denver, CO

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September 22nd 2018

Innovative Management of the Cervical Spine

Regis University

Denver, CO



Mend Course Offerings

Innovative Approach to the Lower Quarter - This 2 day course is a study of the lumbar spine, pelvis, and hip complex.  Review of relevant evidence based practices will assist the practitioner in treatment techniques for various disorders within lower quarter. 

Innovative Approach to the Upper Quarter - This 2 day course is a study of the cervical spine, thoracic spine, shoulder, and elbow.  Review of relevant evidence based practices will assist the practitioner in treatment techniques for common upper quarter complaints including headache, neck pain, shoulder pain and elbow tendinopathies. 

Innovative Approach to the Lumbar Spine - This 1 day, case based course is designed to improve your effectiveness in the clinic managing patients with low back pain.  Participants will learn the most up to date evidence regarding differential diagnosis, examination, and intervention techniques.  The majority of course time and emphasis will be placed on lab sessions to improve efficiency and clinical outcomes on Monday.  Participants will learn unique and effective manual therapy and exercise interventions for the lower quarter based on sound clinical reasoning through cased based learning and pattern recognition.

Innovative Approach to Exercise Prescription in the Lower Quarter - This 1-day, case based course is designed to improve your effectiveness in the clinic, managing patients with lower quarter diagnoses.  Participants will learn the most up to date evidence and interventions regarding exercise prescription and rehabilitation of common clinical conditions.  The majority of this course will focus on lab sessions designed to improve decision-making and clinical efficiency in prescribing exercises and rehabilitation programs based on sound clinical reasoning and pattern recognition.      

Manual Therapy in Orthopedics and Sports Medicine - This 1 day course is designed to provide clinicians with upper and lower quarter manual techniques supported by the most recent medical literature.  Our lab focus in this course allows participants ample time to refine and practice each technique for optimal confidence and delivery in clinic on Monday.

Management of the Shoulder Complex - This 2 day course is a study of the shoulder complex including the thoracic spine and rib cage, acromioclavicular, sternoclavicular, and glenohumeral joints.  Participants will learn evidence based management techniques for many shoulder disorders including adhesive capsulitis, impingement, and rotator cuff disease.

Management of the Hip - This 1 day course is a study of the hip and pelvic complex.  Participants will enjoy this laboratory focused course emphasizing clinical evaluation and treatment skills.  This course is designed to assist in differential diagnosis and treatment selection for patients with hip pathology and pain.  

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