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The MEND Difference

Mend was created because we believe the expert delivery of health care and physical therapy improves outcomes and reduces unnecessary costs.  Patients at Mend are given uninterrupted, one on one care designed to treat the individual with the diagnosis not the diagnosis alone.  Our thorough examination and treatment style, delivered by fellowship trained, Doctors of Physical Therapy targets both the symptoms and the underlying causes of a patient's condition.  


MEND Patient Principles

Mend Physical Therapy was established on three core principles: (1) Spend sufficient time with patients for them to tell their story and provide comprehensive treatment each session (all visits are 1-hour long) (2) Provide the most current treatment for musculoskeletal conditions based on medical literature (3) Minimize the amount of time and money spent in the clinic by seeing patients for longer sessions over fewer visits.  Our education and training places us in the top 1% of all clinicians in our field and our patient outcomes are reflected by this designation.


Physical Therapy Treatment Specialties

Mend specializes in the hands on treatment and rehabilitation of orthopedic conditions and sports injuries.   We serve a wide range of clients and patients looking to live fulfilled lives with less pain and restrictions, including amateur and professional athletes looking to maximize their performance.  Today's healthcare practitioner must not only optimize a patient's condition, but do so in fewer visits to reduce patient costs and lost time from the activities they enjoy.  Experience the difference at Mend Physical Therapy.

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