Dr. Heather Fraebel

Doctor of Physical Therapy

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Dr. Heather Fraebel

Pelvic Health Specialist
Doctor of Physical Therapy
Herman and Wallace trained pelvic health Physical Therapist

“I can’t express how much this has changed my life.”

— Jodee W
“Teaching you how to use YOUR BODY to heal YOUR BODY is my goal. As physical therapists we are movement and function specialist and I believe what roots from the pelvis are some of humans’ most primal and important functions.”

At Mend, Dr. Fraebel takes on a progressive approach to pelvic health, it’s not all just about Kegels! With one on one treatment sessions focusing on thorough listening, evidence based manual therapy and dry needling, targeted muscle re-education, individualized exercise, and progressive resistance training, she guides men and women in taking on their recovery. Populations she treats include: pre and postpartum, pelvic pain in men and women, sexual dysfunction, gastrointestinal disorders, bladder urgency and frequency, urinary and fecal incontinence, tailbone pain, bowel dysfunction, sports hernias, groin strains, hip and low back pain, training for bone density improvement, and more. Dr. Fraebel has a particular passion for the pregnant and postpartum population. She utilizes progressive and evidence based practices to help every women in this population reach their goals: from training for marathons postpartum to continuing to climb until hours before going into labor to not fearing picking up a barbell, to just being able to sprint to the bathroom before peeing your pants.

While in physical therapy grad school, Dr. Fraebel discovered the world of pelvic health physical therapy and found the speciality not only fascinating but an incredibly underserved yet hugely important area of health care. She felt the empowerment of the specialty from the patient side during her own pelvic health journey, making her want to share that with others. She graduated from Ithaca College in Ithaca, New York with her doctorate of physical therapy degree. Her career started treating a mix of orthopedic and pelvic health patients in order to develop strong orthopedic skills that would help her better serve her pelvic health patients from a whole body perspective. Pelvic health isn’t just about the pelvic floor, Dr. Fraebel treats the low back, mid back, hips, abdomen, and groin.
Out of the clinic you can catch her trail running, biking, skiing, strength training, and brewing kombucha!

Heather Fraebel is my PT doc at Mend and she is FANTASTIC. She has a lot of great knowledge about the pelvic floor as well as Interstitial Cystitis and makes visits feel incredibly comfortable, safe and empowering. She has been such a great guide through my journey through PFD and IC and I am so incredibly grateful for her. I highly recommend seeing her if you have or think you have pelvic floor or bladder issues.
Heather helped me get rid of severe pelvic pain I've had since a hysterectomy 12 years ago. I can't express how much this has changed my life. I love that she taught me techniques to relieve any future pain myself. I wish more women knew about pelvic floor therapy! I never felt uncomfortable with her or the treatments and she's a great person to boot. 15/10!
I started seeing Dr. Heather Fraebel midway through my second trimester of pregnancy. I had nearly given up on consistent physical activity and was having pain while walking. Heather helped me work through some of the pelvic floor issues I was having, educated me on how to relieve pain, and educated me about how to best manage my pre/post-partum journey. I only wish I would have started seeing Heather sooner!!!