Dr. Eli Edwards

Doctor of Physical Therapy

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Dr. Eli Edwards

Doctor of Physical Therapy
Board Certified in Orthopedic Physical Therapy
Masters of Science In Human Physiology
“I believe the most important aspects of my role as a Physical Therapist are patient communication and education that empowers patients to take control of their symptoms. Truly understanding the underlying causes of pain or injury sets the patient on an easier course of recovery. Therefore, I aim to act as a guide for each patient’s return to the activities they love and enable them to remain injury free.”

Eli grew up in Portland, Oregon, and moved to Denver, Colorado, in 2018. He graduated from the University of Colorado Doctor of Physical Therapy program and previously earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Human Physiology and a Master of Science degree in Human Physiology, with a focus in neurophysiology and concussion, both from University of Oregon. During his time at University of Oregon, Eli published research on the effects of concussion on muscle function. His background in academic research on neuromuscular conditions provides him a different lens and unique treatment approach for all conditions and stages of recovery.

Eli is experienced in treating all orthopedic conditions, vestibular pathologies, and concussions, but he is passionate about high-level training and returning athletes to their prior levels of competition. From weekend warriors to professionals, Eli is dedicated to working with his patients to bridge the gap between traditional injury rehabilitation and sport activities.

Eli provides an individualized, evidence-based treatment approach that meets each patient’s specific goals. He utilizes a holistic treatment model to identify all factors that contribute to his patient’s symptoms. His treatments emphasize patient education and personalized exercises that empower patients to feel confident in the self-management of their symptoms between treatment sessions.

In his free time, Eli appreciates learning about innovative and creative research involving athletic performance optimization and recovery as it relates to rehabilitation and competition. Outside of clinic, Eli enjoys CrossFit, cooking, skiing, mountain biking, fly fishing, and rock climbing.

Eli sees patients at the Mend location in Boulder.