Mend Patient and Client Reviews

Very excited to see this practice being launched. It is uncommon to find practitioners anywhere with the experience and knowledge of Kristin Carpenter and Jeff Ryg, to see them joining forces is so exciting for patients in the greater Boulder area and throughout Colorado. Practices like this one will set the standard for our profession.

Dr. Jeff Moore, physical therapist

I love working with Kristin and Jeff and I trust them greatly. I love the rapid progress I am making in my therapy.  Jeff and Kristin have the highest level of mastery educationally (DPTs) and experientially. The are great teachers, and I love that they constantly adjust their approach based on the latest research in physical therapy.  They are impressive, and at the same time kind, gentle and very present.  

Rohini Kanniganti, M.D.  

Prior to seeing Jeff I was not able to run and I was in constant hip pain. Jeff quickly evaluated me which included filming of my running form. Based on this evaluation, he was able to determine it was a balance/motor control issue and not a strength issue. We started treatment immediately and I was no longer in pain within 2-3 sessions. With regular office visits and a strength plan I was able to get back to competing in triathlons. Within six months of initially seeing Jeff, I was competing at the 70.3 distance where I qualified for the World Championships and am now working towards my next Ironman in August 2015. I could not have achieved all of this without the methodical guidance of Jeff Ryg. Thank Jeff for getting me back to what I love to do!

David, Triathlete

Kristin Carpenter is an awesome physical therapist! She bases her work on evidence and is willing to try alternate approaches after discussing with her client. I have been involved in two motor vehicle accidents and she was able to help me achieve more mobility after the first accident. We are still working on the second incident, but prospects are good for improving my mobility again. 
I have a consulting practice in health care finance and I believe her new MEND practice model will be very effective and cost-efficient. She is often able to achieve dramatic improvement in less time than in traditional practice models--in other words, more bang for the buck. 
Even Malcolm Gladwell endorses this new approach, which I will term Pay at Point of Service (PPOS if you will). He suggests that insurance should be reserved for major high-cost incidents and that routine services should be paid for at reasonable rates. That is the model that Kristin is following. I fully endorse her commitment to high quality and high impact PT services and suggest you contact her.

Bruce, Boulder

Jeff was head and shoulders above any other PT I have encountered. I appreciated his professionalism, knowledge, and manual therapy treatments coming back from a cycling injury. He is a great addition to the wellness community in Boulder.

Scott, Competitive cyclist

After trying three other PTs in Boulder, including some of the more well-known names, Kristin Carpenter was the only one who actually took the time to understand what was causing my knee to hurt when I ran. I mean, who would think to start at my shoulders, and move down through my spine into my hips, and complete a thorough evaluation and treatment? Clearly none of the other people thought to do so, but Kristin did, and I've been running consistently and pain-free for over two years now. The gratitude I have for her hard work, understanding, and compassion can only be repaid by referring her to others. As I have to at least six people in person, I strongly recommend you visit this clinic. You can thank me later : )

John, Boulder County Runner

I have worked with a number of very good Physical Therapists over the years.  In the past year and a half, Jeff helped me grow stronger after a hip replacement surgery and then after a heart attack;  but what I especially appreciated about him was not only his physical help but the encouragement that he gave me. He had a gift for sensing when I was discouraged and for saying just the right words of encouragement. I remember many exercises that he taught me, but even more I remember the way he tuned into me and gave me hope that I could be better and stronger. Thank you, Jeff.

Barb, Hiker

I've been training for an Ironman- Whistler Canada- and about 6 weeks out from the day of the event I could not run at all. I could cycle and swim but not run. My Coach- professional triathlete- James Hadley recommended I go see his Doctor for treatment. I was skeptical but desperate. On my first visit to Dr Jeff Ryg he told me he'd have me ready for race day no problem! He was confident in what he said and he wanted me to be too-! He treated me with dry needling which loosened up my tight nerves, did some stretching on my leg back, ankles and some massage on my knee- after only 2 visits I was able to run /walk and after 2 more visits- 4 total- I'm running 100%- . Trust this guy and what he does and what he believes in ! It works!

Katie, Ironman Triathlete

Kristin Carpenter was awesome in helping me heal through a challenging and painful rotator cuff injury that kept me from climbing. I had seen two MDs who suggested I'd be a great candidate for surgery, but I opted to try physical therapy (and massage) instead. With Kristin's help, I was able to recover quickly and get back on the rock, fully functional and stronger than before the injury. She is thorough and detailed. Later, she also helped me through an elbow injury, accurately diagnosing the problem and getting me on the right exercises to resolve it. I'd highly recommend Kristin for any climbers with injuries.

Steve, Boulder

After struggling for 10 years with persistent lumbar and SI joint pain in my lower back, and seeing five different physical therapists, I found Jeff Ryg. Jeff was the catalyst for the healing of my back--he understood the problem, was patient, and encouraging. Along with my therapy sessions, I followed (and still do!) the exercise program he prescribed, and am happy to say that I have been pain free for the last seven years!  I recently had a knee problem that was also successfully resolved with his help. Jeff is a compassionate, and extremely competent physical therapist, and I recommend him without reservation.

Karen, Hiker

I had gone through months of knee tendonitis and nobody was able to find a fix. Jeff was recommended to me and immediately I could see why. He did a very thorough and investigative assessment and was able to pinpoint, not only the problem, but the root cause and a plan to fix it. Between the combination of him using manipulation, dry needling, strengthening exercises and changing my running form he had me back up and running again. I am so thankful, wouldn't have gotten back without him.

Ed, Runner

After suffering from foot/heel pain for more than 8 years I was finally referred to Jeff. Through the process of dry needling, manual therapy, flexibility and strength coaching we began the healing process. After 1 month I could tell a big difference. Then I suffered a setback... if it had not been for Jeff's positive encouragement in keeping me on track I might have given up. It has been almost a year since seeing Jeff and I am in excellent shape! I learned so much from him including how to help keep myself healthy. I have recommended Jeff to many friends, he's the best!!

Leslie, walker and runner